Should I write another story/oneshot? If so, for what ship? I like Hamilton (somewhat), heathers, DBH, DEH, BMC, wolfstar, and johnlock. Plus, a few others.


@kingleebury_is_great Veronica Sawyer x Macnamara. Or Chanduke.


I'm going to start the second book soon! It will be called 'What comes next~?' 
          Here is a small bit of the first chaper:
          George's P.O.V
          'Dear George, 
               As you know, ever since the second year of college, Aaron and I have been together. I finally had enough courage to pop the question. He said YES!!!! So I would happily ask you if you would like to come to our wedding. We also were wondering if you would like to stay with us until then to help us plan everything! I know how much you love planing things like this and we have no experience. All we have planned is that it will be at the park. 
                    Charles Lee'
               I smiled down at the letter in my hands. Ah, love. That reminds me... I haven't seen Samuel for.... about... six years, three months, two days, twelve hours and eight- no, nine minutes.. But who's counting, right? 


@kingleebury_is_great soooo excited!!!!! Your kingbury fanfic was the first ever fanfic I ever read. It’s what inspired me to make a account. If you check out my work ( when I get around to writing it that is) that would be amazing. Anyway can’t wait!!!!