Hello there. This is minn checking in. I apologize for not being able to reply to your private and wall messages. I am not active in this app anymore. I am NOT accepting translation requests. For the books that I once had and are unpublished, please read my bio for full information.
          	Thank you so much for understanding and respecting my decision.


@kimnamsoon ayo we have wyld pfp



Hi author! I read all of your books and fell on love with them❤️
          Guess what today while I was surfing here on Wattpad to find more taekook books I found this book it's written so well but is underrated I hope you and all the people here will too like this user's books. This is my favourite among her 4 published books it's called My Misplaced Husband.
          I really hope you and all the people here would like this too and show some love for the author's work ❤️

          The username is antascia with a profile pic of a cat.


Mmm.. Wht do you think.. Wht will i say to you abt "OUR SECRET "..?
          obviously you already know abt it... Like everyone said to you. AMAZING..
          That was written gracefully.. I love to read every line of it.. Nd i can't explain how much i love to read can say that by this -
          I found it today & i finish reading it today
          I can't wait to go other time to look for it. So better finish it for calm my heart 
          Really amazing story that was! Nd i look forword more bt find ntg. & you're already gone too long..!!
          Stay safe + healthy
          & stay all positive