PSA cosmos is temporarily unpublished for major editing and construction! will be back up soon, then i will tackle the next one! love you guys!


i cried so hard with your story 'because i love you'. it was very good! i'm going to read the sequel~


Hey, i just read because i love you. It such a great story ㅠㅠ. I am in the edge of crying. Thank you for your works!❤


I, today to be precise read two of your works
          1 because I love you
          2 because I remeber
          And I am damn impressed of ur work... honestly u write wholeheartedly and amazing.... these are the best love and romantic stories I have read so far to be VERY honest.... keep up ur work.... i was really out of words when I read ur story.... <3 #AMAZING


Your books are so sweet and I love the overall theme they have, it's really hard not to just sit here and read all day! Keep going