So I just got done reading sympathy and I’m already waiting for the sequel it was sooooo gooooooddd and hopefully you’ll continue writing   


So I just finished reading Sympathy, and I honestly loved it except for when Amaris was having sex with Jermaine while pregnant but I really truly think you should write a sequel so we could see where Amaris, Nolan, and their son are up to.


Rite it was a good book I didn’t like tha part she was sleeping wt another dude while she was pregnant but a sequel will be great


Noooo what happened to book two of sympathy?????




 I’m sorry  but I actually wrote it twice and the first time I took it down because I wasn’t feeling it. Then I brought it back feeling like I shouldn’t have did that. Then took it down because no one was reading it. ‍♀️ litterally. So I’m sorry if that affected you I am trullly sorry because I will not be making a sequel to sympathy anymore. But I do have another book coming out soon. Much better than sympathy I’ve learned from that book .. but again sorry ❗️


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