Hi Hannah! It's really nice to know bout u..and yeah u were right bout that ' move on thing' ,it helps a lot to get through on that.. anyway thanks a lot girl have a pretty life.♥️✨


Hello lovely,
          I just wanted to let you know that you're welcome in the Strong Girls Club and that you can talk to anyone of us anytime you need a friend. There are 20+ admins on our page, between the ages of 10 and 21.
          We cover the following topics (and more!) in our main book:
          Low self esteem
          Self harm
          Eating disorders
          Mental illness
          Toxic relationships
          Faith and spirituality
          Dreams and goals... 
          We also have a fun interactive book where we post quizzes, short stories, etc, and a girls guide on body care, crafts, outfit ideas and the like. If those seem interesting, go ahead and check them out! :) 
          You are free to submit chapters to us at stronggirlsclub@hotmail.com
          An admin will review your chapter and if we approve it, it will eventually be posted in the book - tagging you and giving you full credit.
          - Sam


Wow! Thank you so much I’ll work on a chapter for y’all