Scialla world!! (it means hi). Anyway I'm Kate and yah...*awkward*.

I love ice creams. My favourite flavor is pistachio (I have no idea if it's the correct translation).
I love books and music. I don't have a favourite genre cuz I listen to everything and read everything.
I love literature, it's just fascinating.
I'm not good in math.
My native language isn't English so I will probably messed up something (thank you autocorrect)
I love Lana del Rey. Her songs are just...heaven. I like kpop but lately I've been out of news ( I don't how to explain it in English...ahhh I hate languages barrier)

I'm a very shy person and I'm not very talkative (it's just sometimes I have nothing to say or I'm just thinking). I have hype periods and silent's kinda weird but is weird, people are weird and trees are weird and turtles are awesome.
Turtles are awesome cuz they have their houses on their back, it's like "oh I'm tired, I wanna go home" and WOOOP they are at home. Fantastic!!

I love Game of Thrones.
The funny thing is that I thought it was going to be like Narnia/Harry Potter, I mean fantasy for teens/kids; then BAM!!! it was for everyone but for kids. But...damn...that sh*t was awesome: weird people, dragons, blood, everyone trying to kill everyone, kids creepy as name it.
I love coffee. I love cappuccino and latte macchiato (I'm not very sure if there are translation) but they 're very very good.
I'm very lazy and I procrastinate a lot.
I'm not very good at starting/continuing conversation and I'm not very good at making friends.
My life is kinda boring.
I think a lot, maybe even too much.
Soooo I think it's enough.
Unless you are a serial killer, it's nice to meet yah. :)
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