Looking rp Ship?Strange Thor or Loki?or Dc?Sime interested


Don't believe them who tells you 'You can't do it; leave that.' Believe them who tells you 'You just need to work a little harder. Don't get discouraged. You can do it.'
           #SilverOfSilverChallenges #staystrong
          -PIAS ( Feel free to pm us if you feel we can assist you in any way)


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Wow, what the fuck? Pyscho hypocrite much? You throw a tantrum because you hate Americans - when you could barely spell out your tantrum btw, good job honey - but you're using an American based character and you "love her." Wowie.


//You are using an American's created character, but you hate America? That's seriously hypocritical because you got blocked by someone who is an American and you immediately decided to throw a tantrum.