Looking rp Ship?Strange Thor or Loki?or Dc?Sime interested


@kara_danvers89 loki with who?


Don't believe them who tells you 'You can't do it; leave that.' Believe them who tells you 'You just need to work a little harder. Don't get discouraged. You can do it.'
           #SilverOfSilverChallenges #staystrong
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Dear adults dont rp.with kids because the parents calling us phedophiles!Here what happened:I rpyed with @therealeurosholmes and her father on Ria called me treath he told me they want to control all because she is kid and Internet is dangerous for her!My adult friends dont rp with the kids the same will happen with you too!The abusive parents want to control all!


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Wow, what the fuck? Pyscho hypocrite much? You throw a tantrum because you hate Americans - when you could barely spell out your tantrum btw, good job honey - but you're using an American based character and you "love her." Wowie.


//You are using an American's created character, but you hate America? That's seriously hypocritical because you got blocked by someone who is an American and you immediately decided to throw a tantrum.