Swept Away (The Swept Away Saga, Book One) is now available to read in full, wahoo! This story has been one of my bestsellers, compared to Diana Gabaldon's Outlander and The Pirates of the Caribbean, and I just love it oh so much. I hope you will too! 
          	Happy reading <3 


@kamerykae Is 'Carried Away' available in wattpad?


@kamerykae Merry Christmas and happy new year


          I have written a “fictional biography” on myself and experiences I wish to pull myself through, in rather extreme levels through conflict and annihilation. Please check it out. It would make my day to hear your opinions on the topics I explore, and your thoughts on the matters and such. Constructive criticism is appreciated with open arms :)
          If you don’t find as much interest or attachment to this account as I do, by all means ignore/delete this post.
          Thank you.


To the amazing writer of Swept away. You are a truly talented writer. Your imagination and creativity in the making of the book was outstanding and paved way for me to be transported to unimaginable places. You have a gift and can do so much with it no matter what people say. Good luck. Appreaciation from Lisa-Marie.


I just finished the second Swept Away book and I’m getting started on the third. Thank you thank you for writing these books. They’re amazing! I haven’t read something this good in a long time. Carried Away hit me deep in the feels. I think I cried like 3 different times. I just love them and I never want this series to come to a close. 


I wanna read the book 2 of swept away saga here
          I can't have any penny to buy it 
          But still I really love this book it gives a great positive vibes to me as a student
          Thank you ❤❤❤