my : i'm feelin' sick rn and yup i will be in hiatus . bye bye , take care <33  ( grammar salah , abaikan sila )


❪ ❄︎ ❫ ─﹫chaengyu's messages ! <3
          ꗃ ⨟ yow  !  goodnight  beb  <3
          do  not  to  sleep  late  !
          you’ll  get  sick  ;-;  if  you  have
          bad  day  ,  just  forget  it  ! 
          remember  ,  you  still  have  
          tomorrow  ,  and  tomorrow 
          will  be  nice  day  for  you  <3 
          iloveyou ━━ ❄︎


pickupline of today !?
          ➥ roses are red, violet are blue, my cheeks turned red, when I see you.


hi kamoo!
          "No, I'm not the best at choosing lovers
          We both know my past speaks for itself
          If you don't think that we're right for each other
          Then please don't let history repeat itself."
          + dont skip meal!
          + smile smile smile!
          + i love you!
          - hana -


good night , dear !
          may you have a nice dream and sleep well , 
          luvv uu <33


pickupline of today !?
          ➥ I can't turn water into wine but I can turn you into mine.


          "Ooh, why you look so sad?
          I've never seen you look so bad
          You used to be the strongest of us two
          Now look at you, sitting there"
          +have a nice day!
          +dont forget to smile!
          + i love you!
          - hana -


syelamat malam bestieee !!
          tidur lena dn mimpi yang indah saja yeee ?
          also , get well soon !!
          sayang kamuuu <33


I wish for you a very
          good night, 
          Sweet dreams
          and a smiling morning
          Sweet dreams ❤
          Don't forget to take a guess riddle at my mb ya!


- mat petang !! mulakan hari isnin anda dengan
            online class huhu </3


btw kan, umur kau berapa?? aku lupa dowh..
          and bubday :33