hey guys!
          	i haven't been on this account for a while but i just realised that i had some private chapters up, which got removed. i have now reposted the final 2-3 chapters for Leslie's Study of Femininity / Chasing Lacey North / Seize the Tuesday!


@justlyd How do you come up with your titles?


Hey I reaalllyy loved your book I, America and I'm not sure why but I can't find it anymore on both of your accounts :( Could you repost it? I really want to revisit that beautiful story again!


Hello ! If you see this i like your work , your covers are very beautifull would you like to tell me the logiciel you used 


Hello author! 
          I just finished Chasing Lacey North. I loved it. What's the name of the sequel?


What is the name of the sequel of shrinking violet?
          I do want to know what next pleassseee.
          "You're my cup of tea." Super romantic


Did you ever continue Shrinking Violet or did you ever extend the book?? I loved it soo much.❤️


Mam, I like your story too much , you inspired me soo much that I tried to write story of my own. But I guess there are some mistakes which I am making, so can you please read and tell me where am I lacking


Hi, I’m not too sure if you are still active on this account but the last two chapters of Seize The Tuesday are not available. I’m already following you and have also tried logging in and out as well as removing the book from my library and adding it again, however nothing seems to be working. (I’ve also tried all these things on both desktop and app.) I’m sorry to bother you and I’m sorry if I come across as an annoying reader but I just really love the story and want to see how it ends. Thanks and hope you have a lovely day/night! 


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