Kristen: hey I'm Kristen and this is my joint account im weird different and just plain odd hurt my friends ill break you in half i dont bite....hard i love bands kinda emoish i guess i have lots of problems and if you want me to talk about them it isn't happing cause i dont like them

Samara: hi I'm samara but call me sam I've been a emo for 3 years now I mostly listen to BVB, but the other bands are awesome as well. I was born as a rebel. I'm single and I will like to make new friends everyday, bye!

-♥♥--♥♥Wall If You Have
-♥♥--♥♥Or Suffer With
-♥♥--♥♥Depression -
-♥♥♥♥Bipolar --
--♥♥♥♥Self Harm
-♥♥--♥♥Or Any
♥♥----♥♥Mental Illness
The girl you just called fat? she is overdosing on pills .The girl you just called ugly? She puts on to much make up on,hoping people will like her, The guy you just tripped? he's been abuse enough at home. That Guy with ugly scars? He fought for his country. The guy you made fun of for crying? His mother is dying. Put this on your profile if your against bulling!!!

Hi, I'm the owner Ali!! If you would like to join please massage me @AliIsATurtle
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just-weird-friends just-weird-friends Aug 03, 2016 07:46PM
Hi everyone I'm this new girl!! Sorry I haven't said anything yet!! I am just really shy.....well that's all I just wanted to say hi!!
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Hi I'm Riley and I'm giving my bio
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Ali's Bio! (owner)
if you want to follow me, my account is @AliIsATurtle This is just a tiny thing about me. If you'd like to pl...
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