FINALLY UPDATE GD!!! yayyayayayay go forth and read!


@jules130 Hello, hope you are doing okay. Been years since I started reading your books, still think about them, still love them. Hope to see them in a bookstore one day, but ofc, then I want a free one. JK, just wanted to write so that you know people still love your works, and are patiently wating for updates.


Is there or will there be a sequel to playing evelyn?
          So to bother but was really good and its 9 in the morning and I haven't slept cuz it was so good I stayed up all night to read it and I loved it you do such awesome things with words and I  felt like I was going to explode if I didn't finish it but now I'm sad that it's over.


i recently just discovered you and im sad because you weren't as active anymore. Man, I really love your stories, especially the rock prodigy. it hits me hard when i realized the story isn't finished yet. but i still do hope you come back author. or at least give us a heads up if you are starting a new account :) 


It’s finished it just says it isn’t 


I remember reading your stories and still to this day they make me feel the same way. It’s rare. I hope your happy and doing well. Hopefully one day you come back. Maybe one day you will publish something and we will know it’s you. Either way everyone in the Wattpad community misses you. 


Just letting you know you are missed. Im still reading your stories years later. Thank you.