please put trust me back on :(


IS THE BOOK TAKEN OFF BECAUE OFF EMAILED WATTPAD SUPPORT BECAUSE I THOUGHT MY WATTPAD WAS MESSES UP LMAOOO...girl please put the book back to I literally love that and that book literally made me like reading 


Plz plz put the book back on I would love to read it again 


your book is literally number one on most of the tags you're amazing!! and you just earned yourself another follower 


U have to make a part 2 or something I loved this book so much that I have read it literally 12 times.❤❤


It's 10:57 where I'm at and I know it's late but I have a question and I don't mind if it's either one but did this really happen or did u make it up?


hey I hope your well did you take down your Jaden book because it’s one of my favourites and I was about to read it again and it said it updated but then it says not found and it doesn’t show up.
          So I was wondering If you have taken it down?