when you're so bad at wattpad that you didn't even realize you had a message board and have completely ignored everyone who's written on it  - thanks for all the kind words!! <3


i think I read almost all of your phanfics you're such a great author I love your books <3


Hey just wanted to let you know that I think your a great writer. I stumbled upon A wizard's misgivings last night and couldn't stop reading it until I finished and today I started another one of your stories before realizing that they were both by you. Keep up the good work.


Can’t wait for more story’s they are all so well written and should get a lot of praise 


          I just finished A Wizard’s Misgivings and I can’t begin to describe how well written it is. It’s so so gripping and the story line isn’t cliche/confusing/etc. at all so kudos to you♥️
          I wish it had more reads!! It deserves it!!