hello beautiful people I've neglected, if ure in the US and u can vote, go vote pls and tnx


you have no idea how excited i am to read your stories.. seeing that you have lots of one shots... you probably is the queen of epic camren short stories... i have read two of your stories last night.. cried my heart out... 


just got to say that your fic things only you know is really amazing.. you really have a way with words.. the way you convey ur story is very smooth.. the pacing is quite nice as well... actually i have only finished the first part but i really want to say that its so good and ur pretty damn fantastic! thank you for this wonderful story... shippers should really thank camren fic writers for giving us the happy ending that we can never have in real life (waiting to be proven wrong by camren rl) lol


Hello, i've been reading all your completed story and i would like to thank you because you've made an inspiring story. I hope all your story will be known around the world. Hope you finish all your story and i'm sure i'll wait for it because i know it's worth waiting for. Thanks again. 


You are one of my favorite authors here in wattpad. I am so picky in fanfics but i love yours because you are great in narrating and even more amazing at vividly describing the story. 
          I just want you to know that you are appreciated as a writer :) 
          Although i do not want to ask but i hope you can finish the Hold Over My Heart. At your own pace, though :) your updates are worth it ❤


I've come to the conclusion that there are two fanfic authors on here that I'll literally read whatever they post. You and @ laurenjauregvii 


I've been reading all of your stories and I confess you're my favourite  like there are many other great writers out here in wattpad but the way you write ...just marry me writer I think I'm in love with you   


Hey I just reread a few of your stories and have to say that they are still my favorites. I hope you’re doing well. I just had to thank you for the amazing stories. 


hey, I hope your doing well but I just wanted to say that your stories are amazing and one day I hope that people will realize how much talent you have when it comes to writing and among other things :)