I have been inactive for 4 days </3
          	what did I miss ?


@faeriqe hey anne <3


❛⌇message  from  Lee ─̥˚᳝᳝ 
          hey  there  luv  how  was  your  day? 
          i  hope  it  went  smooth  and  if  not
          better  days  are  coming  and  tomorrow
          will  be  a  better  day  . recently  things
          might  have  been  hard  but  it  will  get
          better  ,  when  you  wanted  to  give  up 
          of  feel  like  you  are  alone  and  every
          one  turned  their  back  to  you 
           or  stressed  remember  that  you  are
          not  alone  and  have  me  ,  your  loved  
          ones  with  you  .  please  take  care  of
          yourself  ,  stay  home  and  stay  
          hydrated  love  `♡  .  please  listen  to 
          “  to  my  youth  ”  by  bolbbalgan4 
          and  have  a  great  day   ,   remember  
          that  everything  will  get  better  soon
          ⌗ from LEE !! ❜


umm so  .  .  .pretending to be korean isnyt cool, please get yourself a life and some friends </3 by pretending to be korean not only are you dissrespecting your own race but also koreans so please dont pretend be proud of your own heritage and also being korean is nothing special lolz
          also I have been busy with studies these days so I will mostly be inactive T^T


@j1nzZz do you know who it is ?? 


@j1nzZz tbh i truly don’t understand it. every culture is unique and beautiful. everyone should be able to respect their own heritage and others. pls don’t lie about ethnicity guys !!