Just finished with "The Progress Of Sherlock Holmes". Cried, laughed, loved. I want this as a physical book and I want this to be canon. Bless you for this masterpiece.


Hello! I don't know if you are still around on wattpad or if you are going to write another book, but I must say I really enjoyed both of your books. Keep up the great work, author!


Your writing style is amazing!!! I loved both your books.


I love your writing style. It's freaking amazing, and I'm so glad your books are so long. 
          Its easy for me to say that your books are my favorite here on Wattpad. 


You’re Sherlock story is amazing . Everything about it from the storyline to how to presented Sherlock was the bomb xxx


I just want to let you know (tho I doubt I'm the first one to have say it) that you have portrayed Sherlock's thoughts very well in your book. It felt like it was actually him that's narrating the story. Thumbs up for the great work.


       Your writing is incandescently amazing and has slithered its way into my heart and inspired me to start inscribing on this device word by word for many people to enjoy (it is still in progress) thank you for many ideas and books I actually do enjoy. ^^


You are an amazing author. Your words are in sync, you have I'm actually at a loss of words to describe how good you are! Anyways I love your work and I can't stop reading 'The quiet man'


I'm absolutely in love with your style of writing. The words flow beautifully, and the rhythm is elegantly subtle. 
          Please, never stop writing.