Hello my friend, I was looking through my following list, and you're number 3, and it's probably because you have such amazing books on here,  I hope you are doing well!


hi love, I was just wondering how your doing? I hope your okay and taking care of yourself, if your stories are discontinued then I totally get that and understand, you don't have to share as to why but I hope your doing well. sending love your way


i absolutely asored you “im the fire your my gasoline “ stor6 omg so so SO talented!❤️


hey bud I noticed that you haven’t updated any of your stuff since February, but that’s the least of my concern... I’m wondering how you’re doing...? I hope you’re good tho


hi, I was wondering if you are going to continue desolated star.
          It truly is one of the most beautiful story’s that I have ever read.


When will be the next chapter of Blockbuster?


Hiiii,  how are you?  Are you taking care of yourself?  Be safe dear.


Will still continue writing Desolate stars?


Are you going to continue to right you are my fire or is it finished? New here Btw 


          Ascendio has 1 missing chapter which cover their first kiss. Please upload that chapter