" It is our choices that show what we truly are , far more than our abilities " - Albus Dumbledore

Heyy! Its siya here!
An Indian girl in love with books.....

But yeahh not an open book!
Not that i lie or keep secrets but solving me is harder then solving maths hardest problems!

A Sagittarius ♐ !! Google or search in pinterest !!! They know my character way tooo well 🤣

Life happens, coffee helps.....❤️

There is no sincere love,than the love for food❤️

I am kind of person who believes love at first BITE not love at first sight!☺️ ( No gutter mind here lol !! Food is love )

Potterhead | Ravenclaw |

Tips for u:
✨If u don't want a sarcastic answer, don't ask stupid questions!
✨dont study me,u wont graduate!
✨treat me like a joke and i'll leave u like its funny!

The crazy me has crazy best friends and guardian angels here !!!

🌟 @ParulJaswal9 angel bestfriend with whom I have the longest chats about anything and everything under the sun !!

🌟 @__aaaarya__ most likely to be my twin in the next birth or perhaps was my twin in the last birth !!! All that applies to me applies to her too !!

🌟 @Shreyasurmati - my Madhubala ... The sweetest has the cutest voice !! An exemplary writer too !! Only sane one in the crazy gang and I soo loove her !!

🌟 A crazy companion , guardian angel , my favourite author, a busy techie , my sissy , oldie aunty ahemm ahemm - all rolled into one ... My diduuuuu @vpsisthename20 ...

PS : Mujhe khone ke baad ik din tum mujhe yaad karoge ( A Darshan raval fan !!! #bluefamily )
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itis_siya_here itis_siya_here Apr 13, 2021 11:48AM
Any mallus up here ???Happy Vishu in advance !!!!!
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