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Just finished "Despicable Arrogance" and I loveeee it❤️❤️....  You're an amazing writer....


Just finished becoming beautiful and I love everything about it...from south Africa


Ugh I just finished becoming beautiful and I loveeeeeee it. Please suggest me a similar book ❤


@mysaltydonut yes Noah is very different from other Wattpad boys. I'll check out Accidentally on Purpose. Btw, do you know when the author finished writing Becoming beautiful?


@mysaltydonut Noah was a well written complex character imo, I cant think of anyone else tbh. Maybe accidentally on purpose? Also, the other books by her are fantastic. Read them! 


@mysaltydonut similar books with a boy like Noah.


Also, because of the disclaimer you have put on one of your books about it not being "so good" I'm gonna read that cause from past experience I am probably gonna fall in love with it :))


I have read Forever and Always, Olive and I just love how there are tiny details which are realistic and how it's not your cliche high school love book. 
          And now I'm going on a whole reading spree of all your books and can't decide where to start 
          Anyone got any suggestions?? 


@wapadqueen19 a touch of grace


we miss you!❤️


Love ur work poison ❤


Hi, so I actually can't find the profile of MadisynWinters and I really wanna read her one shot of DA...did she change her username? If so, what is it?
          Thanks ❤️


Hello so do u know anyone that does covers I will give creds!!!!