also I don't know how many of you guys know about this but When Trouble Meets Trouble and Forever and Always, Olive are on Chapters, the interactive story app. so if you're ever bored and in the mood to see my stories from a different perspective and make your own choices for the characters, there's always that option, too!


Do becoming beautiful 


I'm broke, even in that world lol


@istolethecookiez I've played both of them but like the choices I want to make always have to be unlocked by gem or wtvr it was


A touch of Grace......Wow! What a story! One of the best story I have ever read in Wattpad after a really long time! I will re-read it again as the story didn't bore me one bit! Thanks for writing such a wonderful story! 


I very much love your books. If by chance in the near future decide to officially publish and make a paperback of your books specifically Forever and always olive, once upon a push, and a touch of grace, I would be delighted to be one of many to buy your books 


I love your books and I always come back to check if you've updated some. I've read poison over and over again and I've tried to make up my own ending cos it's not complete but then it isn't just it. Please update your incomplete stories, some of us I dying to know how they end. Thank you!!! Much love from Nigeria.


Just have to say your books by far are some of the most interesting, entertaining and well-written stories I’ve read in my few years in WATTPAD. Keep up the amazing work love


I really have to say this, I admire your writing skills so much. Your a good writer and have really amazing books. I'm pretty sure your books will go even further than this app. Your writing technique is impeccable and for that I admire you. Your books give me joy and I'm looking forward to reading more if them.


dude u have no idea how much I miss u but seriously  reading ur books is probably one of the biggest highlights of my high school years and forever grateful for that hope to see u on here soon