Hey Erika I read both dangerously irresistible and the trouble with kiss o grams and I was hoping that you would update your books they are really interesting and I can't help but wonder if you're ever going to continue so please continue


please please please update dangerously irresistible. the book is so good. i need to know how it ends!!!


Hey, please continue dangerously irresistible. It's such an amazing story. Waiting for an update. Please continue. 


          I read your book dangerously irresistible and it's a really good book, u are a very talented writer 
          I was wondering when will u update the book, ik u must be busy with your personal works and stuff but plz do reply to the readers on whether u are planning to continue the book or not. 


Hey Erica. How are you doing?
          Just wanted to ask when will you continue updating the second part of DANGEROUSLY IRRESISTIBLE. Its such an amazing book, please think about updating it soon(i hope)...
          Thank youu