guys i kinda feel like changing my name and pfp and username and possibly bio so if everything is different and my name isn't @rrosesandraindrops anymore it's still me lol


hey! how are you doing? i have been updating my book a lot lately. it'd be really nice if you could check out my work. thanks! lots of love. xoxo


Good morning/evening! I hope you're doing okay. Here's a little inspiration to add to your time:
          You are amazing. There is no one in the world like you. Even if you make a mistake, you turn that mistake into something WONDERFUL! You are loved. You are valid. No matter what or whom you choose to be, it will be stunning. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day/night. 
          Stay safe, stay strong, and make a change. I love you ❤


@OfficialTherapist- you're a great person and I really appreciate the reminder <3 you deserve all the love that you give to people.


today I was at Winners and Troye Sivan started playing and I can't express with words how giddy I was. I had to physically stop myself from singing along. 
          I was looking at weird pull-over sweaters and I actually started giggling of the combined weirdness and because the last song I'd listened to before going to the store was sweater weather. I got so many weird looks I stg. I'm such a fangirl sometimes oops.