Hi I'm a fan of your works I read the marriage contract and accidental kisses and now the devil and I the truth is I don't really consider Jeremy us a devil but what can I say I just love the story I been looking for a book like this and it's amazing can you update your books or make a new story?cause  I really love your works


Hi there!!
          Can you please check out my very first poem book titled 'Shades Of Love'!!?
          Would mean a lottttt to me ❤️

          Have a beautiful day ❤️


I just finished the book "Marriage Contract" for the 5th time. I just love your books!❤❤


Hii. I love the marrige contract.  You are an inspiration to young authors like myself. It would be a great honour if you followed me back checked out and liked my book


I read the marriage contract it's a good book and the plots for your other books are good to i think you should finish them  you have great work 


Hey, just finished reading The Marriage Contract and it was a wonderful ride.
          Keep writing many more such books.!!
          Love, Mitha❤


Hey! I just wanted to tell you that your book is my very first favorite,I read it and read it and I’ll keep reading it all over again ❤️ can I just ask you,who made this amazing cover for you?


Thank you❤️☺️


Oh that’s brilliant to be honest,you did a great job ;) wish you the best of luck ❤️


@yourfavwriter_ Hi, thank you so much I'm really glad to hear that:) As for the cover, I made it myself


Hi I love your stories.They give me allot of inspiration so please don't stop writing.
          Uhm I was wondering if you'd like to read my book"what u mean to me."
          Thank you☺


Omg I love your stories Barbara palvin and Francisco lachowski are so cute together


hiiii can u pls PLS update under those glasses pls