Ayo jackass 

Me? I'm gud girl

kkkkkkk jk im a sadist hoe

AND a dom (¬‿¬)
dont enter my impure, genius brians unless u wanna spend the rest of ur life in a porno movie


1. BTS (ofc)
3. BIG BANG (unfortunately these are the only bands i stan :((( please dont hate me *puppy eyes*)
13. DJ snake( luuuuuuuv him...)
14. MCU
15. Mortal Instruments
16. Harry Potter
17. Sherlock
18. Steve Aoki
19. DC Comics
20. BLM movement
23. literally all kinds of music

21. Also, I'm a huge supporter of femdom 😏😏

bias: yoongi [BTS]
GD [Big bang]

People that make me not wanna lodge a bullet in my head :)

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Ooooooh I got tagged,, I got tagged, I dunno whyyyyyy........ by ilytaegihope3000
Ooooooh I got tagged,, I got tagge...
Idfc just please get this over with.....I'm pretty late tho......:|
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