Hey guys, check out my new FanFiction "Favorite Girl", featuring Chris Brown. As some of you guys may know I am in love with Chris Brown and I really wanted to make a story with him as the lead. Make sure you vote and comment and show the story some love and I promise you that this will be way better than Treading Water or The Preachers Wife. I love all you guys so much thank you for giving 15,000 wonderful followers. You guys are awesome. 


Pleaseeeeee can you return On my life be like  a return on faitheeee???


Good afternoon loyal reader of your books so in love with Mine but I was wondering if you will ever return and update Mine 2 , please let me know praying that all is well with you and yours, blessings up. 


Pretty please update MINE 2  I know you seen me im the comments lately and I'm a loyal reader so I've been very active ❤ pretty please fimish 


Forge by fire 


Forge by fire 


Hi, I’m new to writing on Wattpad and l was wondering would you follow me? I’ve always had a passion for writing and I would love some feedback  from you. I write poetry btw lol. Also Mine 2 is awesome!


I would like to speak with about will have the best series on whattpad.Yes i said it I have Three seasons down packed written in my dresser call me or text me at 954 899 3730 for more information mrs.Hendrix we can shoot for the wattys with this series im telling you its evil.good.loing and ALOT of cliff hangers please text me please


Hey I loved your story , I jus put my first book on my profile. You should check it out 


Hey. I've read all of your stories and their awesome . I was wondering if you could read mine and leave some feedback. Thanks. ❤️