Time doesn't heal pain, it only makes you so familiar with it, making it seem normal. 

The worst goodbyes are the unspoken ones.

Feelings dont make sh*t complicated, you do.

Don't be ashamed of your
scars, they show that you survived.

There's a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone.

Boundaries are for those who can't see through them.

Truths do exist, only lies are invented.

Actions speak louder than words.

Sometimes words are sharper than a knife.

I may seem like I don't care, but deep down I do, wether you see it or not

Curiosity killed the cat, but
satisfaction bought it back, and after all, the cat has 9 lives.

The people you love are just weapons that will be used against you or to defend you.

There's a difference between living and breathing.

The difference is in the eyes of the beholder.

Some people walk away but never leave.

"I set fire to all the bridges that would lead me back to you. But I wonder, why couldn't I burn the boats?"

The devil was once an angel

Why settle being a princess when you can be the queen ?

If you can't handle the heat then why start the fire ?

"A smile slowly started to play on his lips, ichor glittering in his eyes as the light filtering through the windows placed a crown of diamonds around his golden locks . He seemed like the type of person who would pickpocket the stars as he escaped the milky way, whose exhilirated laugh would cloud like nebulae and whose every step caused a super nova. Electricity burned through his tongue, the aftermath of a thunderstorm in his veins as he breathed midsummer night's dreams in a cold fall day then " notorious by @vividlycrimson18

If you're looking for that one person that will change your life , look in the mirror .
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