@4EverProtec wassup


Hi I am Xperia.
          Wolf Size: Medium Large
          Wolf Color: White and Black
          Element: Snow
          Gender: Female
          Description: I'm a very strong hunter. I have great sense of smell and as my mother always said I am intelligent. I put my pack before myself and always does what's best for the pack. I choose honesty over lying. If there is ever a problem between war and discussion I would choose discussion. I'm known for my specialty.
          Specialty: Fast


@Xperia_The_Wolf My Wolf name is Xperia..


Hi I am Madison but I am called Maddie  
           Wolf size: large, tough
           Wolf color: white with flames color 
           Element: fire 
           Wolf sex: female 
            Mate less: would like a mate a male if possible; strong kind caring up in rank Alfa if needed and smart . Please help my wolf and I with a mate 


And my wolf name Lexi 


take care Howling_Moon_Pack and condolence...come back when u feel its time..take care and God Bless


wolf colour - white with brown eyes
          wolf size = medium 
          special ability = telekinesis and teleportation
          wolf name = Luna 
          btw, thanks for the follow and I hope you enjoy my works:)