Chapter 5 to Wolf Affair is out now so go check it out


Why have u not written any capter of my mate killed my after 2019 please tell if u want to write it again or not so we can decide to keep it in our library or delete it.
          It's interesting story so I want to keep reading it but only if u regularly keep updating.


You’re an amazing writer but I don’t get it why you never end any book of yours ,you're just keep posting a new books ,that’s really sad and disappointing


It’s been a while I have come back to Wattpad or even wrote a werewolf book, by writing a new book I am trying to get my imagination and skills back before I go back to continue the others 


New book the claws of a witch check it out absolutely amazing 
          A book of werewolves and witches, goddess and kings, power and speed, temper and magic. 
          Everything you can think about supernatural will be involved.