to: teddy aka my literal teddy bear because he’s fluffy and soft and i love him very much ): <3
          bubba! okay we drifted quite a lot and i miss our daily convos ): i still remember you from your taeyong days, and damn, it’s been so so long since i’ve met you! i met you on my roseanne account, and then i switched to irene, then yuki, then to taeyong, then now jaemin, and yet u stuck by me through this whole time ): ur a real one and a whole ass keeper ✊ thank you for ur short yet cute messages , whenever i see u leave a message behind, you’ll lighten up my day and honestly? you’ve supported me so many times, and you’ve stuck by me through thick and thin. thank you for all the care bubs, i miss you <3
          — jaejae, who loves you very much <33