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Hello there! I hope you're alright. So, I'm here to invite you to read my story. If you like romances, I'm almost sure you'll love this one.
          At least give it a chance if you have some time.
          I'm leaving the synopsis and the link down here.
          Thank you for your attention and I'm sorry to disturb you.
          Loads of love, 
          - S ❤
          Synopsis: "I promise" he said when they were about seven years old. She didn't know why, but she was happy with it and even not really knowing what they were talking about, she thought they would be togheter forever because that's how fairytales end, with happy endings, of course.
          But it turned out in another way, one that our protagonist wasn't expecting. But still, she will find out what love really means in an adventure that she never thought she'd be in.