Hey guys, 
          	Yes I know that I am the worst person ever. I literally abandoned this account for weeks without any explanation. Sorry won't be enough.
          	That being said, I can promise that this week will be filled with me:
          	1) Giving out prizes for the Rose Awards
          	2) Announcing Judges Choice Winners
          	3) Catching up on my reviews.
          	I am also thinking of opening up a Book Club but that will come after I finish up with the above activities. 
          	Thanks for your patience and sorry for the huge ass delay!


Ok I'm kinda confused on how this works. But I'd like for you check our my story hybrid and offer some critique please. Thank you in advance


Hello. Would you mind checking out my story "Counting Stars"? It would help me a lot. Its okay if you can't, though. I'm not forcing you to. :) 


You may describe me as the happiest person ever, right above now. I just discovered the 
          Holy cow!
          I read your description, and I loved it. If you could help such a filthy writer like me, it would be great! Please take a look of my story, and tell me if I can improve it in any ways. Thank You so much already!!


*at,, oops :/