Long-time no chat – i am currently working on the next part of HCIN!


Yay, I’m excited!!! 


Hi, first of all, thank you so much for making such good stories! I’m up all night reading them! This is not a phrase, I mean that I’m literally up like till 4! They’re so captivating!! 
          Second of all, I wanted to say that you’re an AMAZING writer!! 
          Thank youuu! 


          I just wanted to say something very publicly to you on your message board so ur fans would be able to support me when I say this. 
          U r an amazing author, I absolutely  love your stories and everything you made me feel in the last two days with me reading your BAK series.
          I cried  a lot, and theres only one other author who has actually made me cry with her words. Thank you so much for the story, it was an absolute hell to read but I loved every second of it. 
          So thank you
          Because it was well and truly amazing.
          <3 Sabz


Just got back on to here an reread HCIN and ahhhh i honestly forgot how much of socket I am for a pregnancy au !!!!


Please can you check my story, and give some feedback? I would love to hear your opinion. I also read your stories, I like them so much!❤


thank you for giving us quality writing to read. i’m so obsessed with everything you write and i think i have an attachment to your portrayal of tom, to be honest. thank u for being so wonderful and sharing with us. 


this made me so so happy - thank you so much