Hey, welcome! (っ◕‿◕)っ❤

Thank you for dropping by and for reading an uninteresting profile.
All you need to know about me is:
☆ I am in my early twenties.
☆ I live in the True North, strong and free
☆ Still a student. Uni if you are wondering
☆ I've been writing stories since I was twelve
☆ First love story I wrote was inspired by Disney's Ice Princess
☆ and.... *drumroll* I love anime LOL

To all my readers:
- As much as I loooove to see the number of reads rack up, a simple vote will extremely help me, your ambitious writer, get motivated to update! This goes to any book/writers in this website. We get by through votes and comments. So please ❤ Do not forget to drop a vote and leave [constructive criticisms are very much appreciated!] comment.

Stay awesome!
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