ahem so lemme tell y'all a story. when i was younger i used to watch a lot of barbie and the dream house (yes i was a pro at being a fag from a very young age) and i thought ryan was such a fitty and really didn't understand why barbie was such a little sket and wouldn't date the better man. i grew older a few years & had a younger sister who got into barbie and the dream house & i watched it w/her as an excuse to check out ryan some more. though i will never deny that ryan is a hottie, i will also not deny that ken has a such a sweetheart & everything he did was for his love barbie. from the age of 11 ive wanted a man like ken. ken became my first love. okay so i didn't exactly believe that ken was barbies just cause of his kindness but also cause he must be a beast in bed. anygay, having a dream to find a man like ken felt so far away but my luck finally struck after all the hardships in my life. i found my ken. bitch i ain't joking. after smooching like a dozen frogs i found my prince. okay, so he ain't blonde or white but bitch his name is KEN so he does what it says on the pack. he really is a true replica of the ken i fell in love with and i hate to break it to y'all but he cannot be store bought anymore as he is the last of his kind. bitch donut blame me but the little eight year olds who have no respect for the god their parents just bought them and continue to shave their hair off. he also cannot be traded either as im still alive and i will not be leaving him in my will because he's mine and he's gonna die w/me. i am sorry ladies and gents but this boy is mine to love, to suck and to bite. oh wait, you're crying ? fine your dearest suki will send y''all a travel shampoo bottle filled w/Ken's cum but sers that's it cause my dear fans you must leave some for me. my poor daddy isn't a cow you can drain cum from whenever you wish. so i guess the point of this story was dreams do come true so chase your dreams bbs no matter how cliché they are.
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