Hi everyone! We do apologize for not being able to answer all your questions. It’s been quite some time since anyone has logged into the account. We’ll provide more updates soon! 


need help. I don't know why but for the past year or two wattpad has been acting weird for me. 
          I cant log out of my account unless I do on laptop or my phone. I don't get any notifications anymore and my gifs don't work.
          even through all of that I still continue to write and was able to post some pictures to a degree. 
          However it doesn't let me post them today no matter what device IM on.


          I would like to request a update change to the amount of books ofline from 30 to 35 books be aloud offline to thoes who dont have premium like me, i dont have the money nor the data to change books constantly evry time i finnish a book i use to have 30 to 40 books ofline befor wattpad updated to only 2 offline please change and alpw 30 to 40 ofline to non premium uses like myself 
          Please i loved wattpad because i could read so many books oline without being a premium user it was perfect... i like hpw the new update alouws me to identify whats offline but but i hate how i can only read 2 books it sucks so please update and chage the amount of books from only 2 to 30 books ofline 
          Sincerely Emily ( tsubaki010203 )


          So basically wattpad app is not working on my iphone(8+ iOS 13.2.3) i mean i can log in in my account but when i open any story it says connection is weak and i cant see notifications and see my library even thought my wifi is at good speed ..... and i also can not open wattpad on safari .... i dont know what the hell is happening and yes i have deleted the app and reinstalled it but again it shows same problem and right now i am using my wattpad account on andriod .... if someone is/was familiar with this problem please help me 


Hi everyone! We do apologize for not being able to answer all your questions. It’s been quite some time since anyone has logged into the account. We’ll provide more updates soon! 


          I'm French, but I can speak English.
          I'm writing a story : "Dans mon ciel étoilé... (Bigflo et Oli)". It does not appear in the search results. I checked, she is in the right language. I tried typing the entire title, and also my nickname, but it does not appear. Can you help me, or at least explain why?
          Thank you,


Hello. I was reediting the 3rd chapter for one of my books until it suddenly glitched and went back to the old edit. I spent hours writing at chapter..
           Is there any way I can get it back?


@Jamless__  this is probably late... But just an idea, if you are on the app, i think it's the more button, and then revisions, and then you can get your old page back as good as new. I figured this out when my little siblings deleted all of one of my chapters. And for future refrence, maybe back up your chapters in an app like Notes or something.


i need help in finding a harry styles fic. so the gist is that harry is an assasin and the female character is the sweetest and nicest human being but harry obviously finds her annoying. she also tends to ramble a lot and she’s more or less like a pushover. there’s also a part where she finds her childhood friend in the mix of her doing a project with harry and soon gets some of her memory back when the friend tells her somethings. her memory gets a bit jumbled up and soon finds out that harry is the person that wiped out her memory. there’s also a part where some of her childhood is like she is trapped with some children and they were named as numbers. she was named four i think, then like her childhood friend will steal some food then he got caught and she blames herself and she gets brought to harry. harry doesn’t know what to do and he eventually grows to like her a bit. harry got to name her and she was happy to find oreos in his room. that’s all i remember and i hope if anyone read this book before please tell me the name and author of the book cuz i’m desperate to read this book again. xx sheena