Okay. So let's cut to the chase. You don't get to know my name. But I get to know yours. I know everyone. 

And I have learned from my many years alive that people want to know a lot about a person. For instance my sexuality. I've gotten lots of questions about that.

But I don't honestly know. What I do know is that I feel love but I hardly feel it. I get crushes but it hardly turns into any type of relationship. And if it does the relationship hardly ever last. I don't desire a relationship very often, actually hardly at all. What that makes me, who knows. Who cares.

Let's see what else:

Is as single as a lonely peasant and not ready at all to mingle, so stay the hell away from me no matter what.

Gender: *looks around* Aha found it.He/him pronouns

Age: none of your business

I am fluent in English and Spanish though at times I forget English words.

Species: ah that's a good question. I wouldn't say I'm human. But the shadows have taken quite a liking to me.

Hobbies: roaming around taking pictures and drawing them out.

I am a free soul. The ground is to captivating and confining. Let me just leap into the air and fly.

That should be all my lovelies. Remember we're all going to Hell. So I'll see you there. Also remember you're all either:
A) Badass warriors
B) Royalty
C) knights
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