Sorry for pinging here...
          But if you are looking for a book to read..., will you check out my book?
          I am not forcing you to read it... And if you don't want to just delete or ignore my message...
          but if you would like to give it a chance, I would be pleased... You can tell me your views on it too... You can stop reading it if you are not interested in it... 
          I hope if you like it, you will suggest it to your friends...
          I don’t have close friends. And even if right now I have like 4 or 5 readers... It's not enough atleast not enough to stay in spotlight.
          And their isnt anyone who would really care to promote my efforts.
          It is Completed.
          Thank you, have a good day.


          I'm Disha, a fourteen year old avid reader and aspiring writer! I'd be grateful if you could check out my book 'Fallen Queen' and tell me how to improvise since I'm super new at it! It'd also be helpful if you could check out my fantasy novel, "Fantasma" on my page! It'd mean a lot to me! If you're interested in poetry, you can check out 'Into The Black Hole' as well! I look forward to some advice from you, if time permits you! 
          Yours gratefully,