Wanna get your book read AND voted by me? Easy. Just keep reading.
          	Thank you all for 10k followers(OMG GUYS I CAN'T EVEN WOW THANKS ERRYBODY!!!!!). This journey started exactly 4 years ago and I couldn't have been more greatful to you guys for making my dream come true.❤❤❤ Since it's a huge deal for me I wanna show you guys how much I appreciate it. Below are the very simple rules.
          	1. You have to be following me (duh)
          	2. One book per person
          	3. I won't comment, sorry. Just votes 
          	4. This offer is valid for this ENTIRE month(july 2017)
          	If all of the above apply to you then just leave a comment with the name of your book and the chapters you want me to read or vote for :)


Across city lines, thank you! 


Echidna ❤️ please and thank you 


@hanajelly Black Veil brides imagines
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