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Hey, I just wanted to say how much I loved your book. It’s my favourite Harry Potter fanfic/ retelling (and believe me I’ve a read a lot). Your writing impacted me so much; I’ve never loved and cried for characters this much. I know this is kinda stupid but the characters have actually motivated me to become a better person (some of the quotes were really impactful) and I’m so grateful that you wrote this book and that I was fortunate enough to read it. I really hope your writing career goes well because you’re crazy talented and words are so impactful I can’t even put it into words. Again thank you so much for creating a book I will never forget. 


That’s beautiful and I’m sure that the writer loved reading this❤️❤️


Hey i love ur writing the most ive read so far im in love and i think it'll be really cool to have a story abt tom riddle and vera bueregaurd ( excuse me spellings). Much love keep going this is great


Hlo guys.
          I have written my 1st Harry Potter charachter. It's about Athena Malfoy the sister of Draco Malfoy. This would show how a witch fought her way in the society and helped the golden trio to defeat the dark.


Ruins is truly a wonderful book and I love the plot and all, but I'm a wee bit confused. You see since tom riddle was conceived under a love potion that would mean he can't feel compassion or love so I dont understand how he fell in love with vera is it because of the prophecy or something. This has been bothering me for quite a while if anyone knows please do explain 


@imaarmystan In the book it said that fate brought them together. And that fate is the only thing stronger than magic.