That seems really lame since I literally just disappeared for a few months. Mentally unstable tingz am I right?? Thank you for all the sweet messages and I'm trying to get back to all of them but there are just so many! Okay, so a little explanation as to why I was gone: I had the biggest burn out of my life. Usually, my burn outs last a couple days or two weeks at the most but this one...this one was real bad. It breaks my heart but I fell out of love with writing and it was out of nowhere. I told my best friend about it and she said to focus on rewriting something. she told me to just try and see if I could find my writing self again. so i started with the prologue of bbr and i've been rewriting it over the past couple months. i've decided i'm doing a whole re-write of the book (like taking chapters out and adding completely new ones). as a result, i haven't had time to update other books in fear of burning out again. i have a few unposted chapters which will be going up soon to apologise for my lack of updating and disappearing act. not sure when i'll post again but i'm just trying to be gentle with myself right now. i only write when i want to and stop when i feel myself becoming bored or upset. i hope you guys understand. 
          	from the bottom of my heart, thank you guys all so much. i'm so grateful that you guys are here and are still reading my books. i know it might be hard for some to understand but i hope that those who don't can at least try and realise that i'm a human too. i have my own demons to face and yes, like hayden, my demons are doing the naruto run and sometimes i can't out run them. 
          	Any way, thank you :)


@grraciie_ You're amazing and no matter what you're going through, put yourself first. And don't rush into writing cause you feel bad for us, we'll be patient


@grraciie_ I hope you put yourself first :( We miss you so much


@grraciie_ i hope you are putting yourself first. we miss you :)