I was reading I Need Mr. Styles yesterday and now I can't find it. It's not in my Library or on your page. Did you delete the book?


Hii, when are you updating Mr. Styles? I loved that book, I mean it's so beautiful and so 'detailed, anyway I loved it, please update it <3


Hey girl what's happening with mr.styles I read this book my second time and let me tellll youuuu girl bomd af but when are you updating again?


I'm writing the final chapter and adding as much detail as possible, I should be updating by next weekend 


No offense but I would think if you were so good at writing sex scene's or "smut" as you claim to be  you would be following the queen of R rated books @kanyeinteruptedme. I'm merely suggesting you read her work and see proper "smut"


@lina1342 keep reading it says "somewhat" but sure I'll take that into consideration


Hey! I really like the reverends daughter and i just wanted to ask when are you going to update it because i really want to know whats going to happen and i can't wait! :D