fuck the haters dude i'm here for a good fuckin time

what up fam squad we out here boutta light a stick with a red tip on fire an throw it in our house and see what happens oh shit my house on fire whoops looks like I gotta get a real job fam squad don't forget to like and subscribe

my username doesnt need to be explained

my names Evie and if u guess what that stands for congrats u have functional brain cells

im not allowed to have red kool-aid bc then i get really hyper and my mom says it doesn't help with my adhd and add pshhhhh wtf does she know bitch

I only write boyxboy, sometimes girlxgirl. My english teacher told us to write the story we can't find in the world, so I did. You never see boyxboy or girlxgirl books in the media, so I'm hoping to change that.

I play soccer


I want to be a cellular biologist(edit: just found out you gotta be smart for that shit so nvm lol)

i like editing books so message me if u need help with anything :)

I have a swearing problem and I'm trying to cut down but fuck man it's so fucking hard fucker goddamn I needa take a shit bye

Im straight btw but anything could happen

remember that everyday is a great day because everyday is Friday if you just believe

Is face cancer a thing? Cuz if it is I'm gonna get it cuz I look at my phone too much

I like sneaking out and not following the rules especially to play soccer bc playing soccer at night under lights is the coolest feeling ever

legit if u listen to trap or rap we gotta be friends no fuckin doubt

I know all the lyrics m8
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what’s up y’all thank you so fucking much for getting Raven to 1K reads i appreciate every single person who read it thank you so much again
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