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          Hugo appeared in Wonderland, having come to look for something, his long hair was half up half down, the upper half in a braid down the back of his head, adorned in a red fox coat with fox tails all over it, a leather hood that was currently up and slightly hid his face, leather lining the inside, a black and red Mens corset under that,and long pants as well as heavy leather boots. The jacket had many many pockets in it. Both in the outside and inside of it.


“ well well well , if it isn’t Guinevere “ Cheshire spoke , grey ears twitching slightly as he hung upside down from the tree branch above the other “ what brings you all the way out here hm ? “ disappearing for a moment he reappeared in front of her a large smile plastered on his features “ surely you aren’t lost are you ? After all you are quite the ways away from the castle . “


            “ Hello Cheshire its been quite sometime. ” Guinevere smiled softly, taking in his features. “ i am not lost. I merely wanted to invite to the castle for tea time “


          Guinevere Mills is the youngest and final daughter of Cora. Unlike her sisters she was taken to wonderland alongside Cora. As she grew the people of wonderland began to love her soon making her the queen of diamonds aka the white queen.
          However the curse affected her bringing her to Storybrooke, under the name of Cassandra “Cassie” Reyes. She worked as a bartender as well as waitress until the curse was broken and she regained her memories of her fairytale life along with finding out that regina is her sister.
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