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LIZ (they/she). ᴛᴡ // ed, depression, suicide
i post here my rants (+ movie recs, music talks)

BYF ... the more you scroll down the worse it gets. i think i labeled the sensitive topics most of the times but idk if i always did it, i'm sorry. this is my rant profile so it gets pretty messy sometimes. i often talk nonsense. i might talk about (italian) politics. i'm here quite a lot but i rarely use notifications for the messages i post so dw about your device combusting because of that. if you follow me it's either because we're good friends or because you want to get to know me; you're welcome either way! you can always text me or leave me messages here, i'll always read them :).

DNFI ... you don't know me at all and don't care about getting to know me. you dgaf about this profile and/or me. you're only hoping for me to follow you back (i'll do that only if i know you/once we'll start talking). you are a rightist /srs. also, if you spam your acc and/or story i'll block you RIGHT AWAY, i don't care.

find me: ♥︎ writing acc: wattpad.com/stellapiena
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