hi i don’t mean to bother,
          but i just published a book, 
          it’s a poem book,
          i just want opinions, 
          check it out if you have time :)


Your writing is amazing! It's very interesting...well everything is interesting. 
          I'm guessing you've seen a lot and been through a lot? Or you just think outside the box? Either way...Your writing is amazing. I haven't got used to this app yet but if you'd like to talk maybe we can sometime. I would love to find some other authors...Some other people I could talk to to learn about things or to just be inspired. 
          Be safe and careful please! Have a fantastic and magical day! ^^


Thank you so much! You’re so kind! It means a lot to me hearing someone say that my writing is good because I’m kind of insecure about my writing. Because many of them are very personal to me. Anyway, I would love to talk to people on here as well so you can message me anytime.