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hi @friesbeforeguys101 i read all your books and Iam french and bilingual. So I began a story thanks to you ‘cause you inspire me so much. This story is a mix of the gang/mafia theme and the romance. So if you or your followers are interested, you can take a look at my story. Xx. Z.


For all interested writers, I have photos that I would love for you to use to captivate your amazing audience here on Wattpad by using my pictures (for free) to give readers an idea of what your character(s) may look like! If your interested please don’t hesitate to let me know! -Courtney 


I just finished reading Pranking the Badboy and I have to tell you its amazing except for the ending. You broke my heart. I was reading it next to my mom and I started crying she thought I was crazy. Anyways love the book and you broke a lot of people's hearts. Keep up the amazing work


Why do readers feel the need to argue? It’s a fictional book. I like Alpha Alcander and minus a few archaic comments, I like him a lot. I’m about 6 chapters away from finishing the book but I’ve liked him since the beginning.
          A biscuit said my definition of caring is warped. I’m dating the male embodiment of Lucifer. He raises Hell on Earth often and enraged me to no end but he also rubs my feet or belly when I’m not feeling good. Evil can be good too. 
          And let’s be real, I’m the female embodiment of Lucifer mixed with a little succubus. A dominant alpha female with a submissive side.
          Excuse me for being a survivor in a sea of people walking the thin line of getting their necks snapped like twigs. ‍♀️