CROSS  FADE HAS BEEN UPDATED! longest chapter so far! it was one of these chapters that i loved writing so much, and i hope you enjoy it! thank u in advance if you decide to read it, it is my baby


Hello! Sorry for plugging in. But please check out my very first book here on wattpad. I would very much appreciate it. Don't forget to vote and write your opinions and suggestions about it.
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I am so in love with CrossFade - everything about it is so beautiful! 


@hashtagfeathers hi! I don't think she's been active for around 1+ years now... I remember that she wrote once that her career is much different to writing and it's quite time-consuming! That's probably why she hasn't posted in a while! Also - if you want me to be honest I think now that's she's gotten older, she's putting her energy into other things :) regardless though i hope yas comes back and starts writing again! I am absolutely in love with every one of her stories! 


@shinejoyfully any idea why hasn't she posted in so long? 


Your book was so so beautiful I could feel everything and every emotion and God it was heartbreak one moment and then tears of joy the next and I can't explain how much i loved it all. I just hope your books get the recognition they deserve because books like these help me through all my lows. Thank you thank you thank you and never stop writing.


Wow you are truly talented! I can only aspire to write poetry as well as you do! My book "Within the Confines of My Heart" is still in progress and needs much love and nurture. I would truly appreciate some constructive criticism from you