CROSS  FADE HAS BEEN UPDATED! longest chapter so far! it was one of these chapters that i loved writing so much, and i hope you enjoy it! thank u in advance if you decide to read it, it is my baby


Your book was so so beautiful I could feel everything and every emotion and God it was heartbreak one moment and then tears of joy the next and I can't explain how much i loved it all. I just hope your books get the recognition they deserve because books like these help me through all my lows. Thank you thank you thank you and never stop writing.


Wow you are truly talented! I can only aspire to write poetry as well as you do! My book "Within the Confines of My Heart" is still in progress and needs much love and nurture. I would truly appreciate some constructive criticism from you


hi, i’m deeply in love with the way you write and it’s inspired me to start writing again. i originally started with the flawed souls series and then recent read the paperweight series and i am in absolute love with both of them! the flawed souls series (flowery compass? i can’t remember the name) truly is beautiful. it’s indescribable. i always talk about it and i tell my friends to read it if they get the chance. the characters are always enchanting and wonderful. i really do hope you update soon on ink blots, i’m so curious about the characters. anyway, with artgirl and mailboy i was scared to read it because i always read endings of books before the beginnings but i’m so glad i did. it’s beautiful, your writing is something i could only dream of one day being able to SOMEWHAT write like. i’ve bring to write again (none of which will be published anytime soon) because your beautiful stories have given me inspiration. thank you. thank you thank you thank you. you reignited my passion to writing which i thought i was done with and i couldn’t be more grateful. i hope you’re doing well, i hope you’re life is the best it could be. 


Hey! It's been a while since I've read your work. But when I did, I was mesmerized. You are an amazing writer. Your work was kind of inspiring for me. Especially, the mailboy. In many ways, I fell in love with words and writing after reading your work. So, thank you for it. Now I have started writing my own story and it would mean the world to me if you took a look at it! Here's the link:


i despica yoooooou! oh my god i love mailboy and artgirl. and i LOVED how mailboy didn't end lile all those cliche books. i despica mailboy and artgirl and ALL the characters in them ♥