It official I'm done writing books , I think I'll stick to reading books. My dad said I don't stick  to a project I think he is right . How do you guys write a book to the end , I need tips pls.


@fixzy02 Writing is very cheap or can be a cheap hobby. It's fulfilling don't let your dad take that away from you if you enjoy it.


@fixzy02 The first book is the hardest to write. You might have like 3 books half-written.  Then you finish the first book and the second is faster to put together once you get midway.  What happens is you learn tools along the way to write a book. It's almost like a carpenter learning to make woodworking projects except in many ways you must also learn to make your own tools or find tools that work better for you.


@fixzy02 Write a thousand words a day. Read the writing of others. Build a routine. I sometimes try to see it play out in my head but when I write something different comes out lol. Stay committed just like everything else you have to be persistent. You can do it! 


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