Genius Ninth Princess is most likely dropped by now...Imma just sit back and watch the follower count drop
          	*pets my nonexistent cat*


@fantastiee please update more, i can't wait to know the next stories


          	  oh well that's unfortante, but why?


Guys y’all should respect her decision to drop her book.So stop asking for an update.also we don’t know what ever she is feeling or if there are any problems going on and we shouldn’t need to know we should just respect her decisions.


Hello..Love your story. Its awesome. Are you planning to stop writing on this cos you will break alot of people heart if you do but it's your choice.
          Amazing story 


Are you going to stop updating at the Genius Ninth princess? Your story is good, so it's a bit sad if your planning to discontinue it because reallly you're story is very pretty