you need to write more books and one shots!! I'm hooked!


I know I’m a bit late (by like 4 months) but it’s fine take your time, don’t rush yourself 


Aww thank you! I’m really struggling to write right now but I promise I’m trying and hopefully over the next few weeks whilst I’m home from uni I’ll be posting loads! 


Hi there, sorry (really sorry) to intrude on your message board. 
          I know that 2018 has just begun, and a lot of awards have just closed- this one however has just opened and I'd like you and your followers to join. 
          People join for many reasons but I'd like to encourage the main reason being for fun!
          I'm already having a blast and I want everyone to join in on it.
          We are open for bith participants and judges. 
          Both of them will be rewarded! 
          We also have special awards up for grabs, stickers that'll be given out, aesthetics to look at and tea to drink. 
          If you want to know more, even possibly join, come check out our awards book. It has all the details in but there is also a chapter where you can ask questions! 
          Thank you for your time! 
          - Founder Fireproof